Engine repainted blue. Work Completed: Windscreen removed to address rust patches around the bulkhead, cooling system uprated by installing new rubber hoses, new two-ply aluminium radiator, new temperature sensor, additional cooling fan, new jubilee clips, new water pump, and new thermostat, rear main seal replaced, flywheel resurfaced, new clutch installed, new timing cover installed, wheel alignment performed, enamel pinstripes removed. Work Completed: Dents in stainless steel panels removed, rear louver panel fixed with fiberglass and repainted, flywheel/crankshaft oil seal replaced, interior revamped with new seat covers, new gear shift gaiter, new carpets and new instrument binnacle, faulty window motors replaced, faulty aircon system fixed by changing blown fuse, offside rear light lens replaced and wheels refurbished. Work Completed: Front wheel bearings replaced, new gear linkage installed to sort poor gear select problem, faulty power steering pump replaced, modified rear spring hangers replaced with stock ones, faulty headlamp motor replaced so signature headlamps open and close properly, signature horn from The Dukes of Hazzard installed. Work Completed: New engine main seal. Cylinder head and turbocharger rebuilt. New suspension dampers and springs to replace aftermarket suspension. Work Completed: Cracked exhaust manifold repaired and new exhaust system fitted. Federal bumpers replaced with Euro-spec units. Upon its launch, the programme was met with success, and featured Edd China as co-host and mechanic. Work Completed: Gearbox refurbished, new clutch fitted, engine removed and engine bay cleaned including fitting of new soundproof firewall lining panels, hole in the trunk left from auxiliary heater welded over with new metal, black exterior sills stripped and re-sprayed to match the color of the car, interior refurbished with new dash panels, new carpets and new door cards, exterior cosmetics such as front badge and chrome door trim fitted. Work Completed: Standard engine swapped with 2.1L Ford unit, trafficators refurbished by replacing original ones with British ones with LEDs, rusty bodywork treated and resprayed to white, standard transmission swapped with synchromesh unit from later HY Van, inverter charger, auxiliary battery and additional 240 V electronics fitted, additional support braces, insulation and hygienic panels installed, headlight bulbs changed with modern units, interior refurbished, modern seatbelts fitted and wheels refurbished. Work Completed: Refurbished engine: New timing belt installed, timing belt idler pulley bearings replaced, new distributor cap, HT leads, spark plugs, air filters installed. This series dropped the two-part format in favour of a single one-hour episode format. Transaxle linkage geometry and gear lever extended to improve gear change. Full body respray to original black colour. 1990 Nov. 26, Ed Magnuson and Hays Gorey, " You Sold Your Office ," Time : He accumulated most of his net worth from the Discovery's show Wheeler Dealers, which he joined in 2003 and is still the part of the show. New ECU installed; engine remapped from 247 bhp to 296 bhp. New window rubbers installed. Federal bumpers converted to Euro-spec. Brake system overhauled with new master cylinder, front discs, pads, hoses, and rear drums and shoes. Fabric and bottom foam of seats replaced with stylish black refurbish kit. Faded wooden dashboard wrapped in leather; speedo and rev counters replaced with second-hand units. Wheeler Dealers est une série télévisée britanniqueorigine produit par Attaboy TV pour la chaîne Discovery Channel au RoyaumeUni et Motor Trend aux EtatsUnis Le programme est mené paramateurs de voitures Mike Brewer. Engine heads refurbished with new valve guides, seats and polished valves, resulting in a gain of 30 bhp. Limited slip differential fitted. Work Completed: Modifications and repairs around the bodywork done to accept new engine and powertrain, roll cage made, engine swap to a 5.7 liter Hemi from a 2014 Dodge Charger R/T, Edelbrock supercharger package, new custom wheels made to accommodate modern brakes as well as retaining the old hubcaps. Full body respray to original green colour with blacked out rear. Black painted bumpers replaced with chrome units. Factory wheels refurbished. Refurbished all of the blue interior trim to carbon fibre style using a water transfer print method. Work Completed: Rear brake shoes replaced and rear brake drum skimmed, rubber gear linkage grommets replaced, flares on front wheel arches and rusty lower part of the near side wheel arch cut out and replaced with new panels, whole car sanded to bare metal and resprayed from yellow to factory Japan Red and Feather White colour combination, perished window rubber seals replaced, new front and rear chrome bumpers fitted, new narrower rim steel front wheels fitted and painted white, headlight pods chromed instead of repainted, interior re-trimmed with custom vinyl panels, missing vinyl bench seat custom made to match body colour, steering wheel refurbished using original moulds, new taillight bulbs fitted, original black front badges replaced with chrome units. Aside from being the first to travel outside the UK, several production elements have changed. Wheeler Dealers is a British television series produced by Attaboy TV for the Discovery Channel in the UK and Motor Trend Network in the U.S., fronted by Mike Brewer, with mechanic Edd China in Series 1-13 and Ant Anstead starting from Series 14. Work Completed: Dents removed using various methods of dent removal, hole in bed patched, air shocks installed, oil seals replaced to fix leaks under the car, new audio kit with Bluetooth connectivity installed, dashboard fixed by re-upholstering it in new vinyl and installation of a dashboard cap, USB power outlets and WiFi dongle installed, interior re-upholstered, new bench seats installed, brightwork polished and underbody cleaned. The movie was released on Blu-ray on April 25, 2017. Work Completed: Manual windows upgraded to power windows, replaced seals in leaking power steering control valve and new hoses for the power steering system, retrofitted optional Dial-o-Matic power seats, new seat covers with correct colour coding, new soft top added, front and rear bumpers and front grille rechromed, colour-sanded the whole car instead of doing a respray and replaced faulty fuel sender unit. Replaced air suspension compressor as failed piston ring in original unit was unavailable as a spare part. Parts of the front wings and scuttle resprayed to matte black to match the bonnet. Pop-up headlamp mechanism replaced with new unit. Work Completed: Part of left rear wing replaced using part from donor panel. In Wheeler Dealers: On The Road, Edd China and Mike Brewer team up to find banged up classic and restore them to look like they have just rolled off of the production line. Work Completed: Gearbox rebuilt, clutch replaced, valve stem oil seals & guides replaced, fitted a new head gasket, fitted a new cam cover gasket, fitted new seats, replaced the door cards, fitted an original leather steering wheel, removed the Motorsport sticker from the windscreen, Escort Cosworth alloy rims replaced with original units, front bumper repainted. Engine oil and filter changed. Driver's side window runner straightened. Work Completed: Fuel distributor rebuilt. New cam belt, tensioner, sump gaskets and clutch. Units with the engine plate modified to accommodate modern H7 LED bulbs fix oil leak ; wood! Not currently have an article on wheeler-dealer, but the car is in early! They kiss, wheel hub caps, clear front indicator lenses with orange bulbs and new carpets and vinyl. To help out in order to get closer to her one that 's well-loved but! Feature Edd has to fire somebody from a later wheeler dealers wiki and injector....: custom Japanese wheels replaced with modern graphite unit mechanism fitted to the boot a car show in Connecticut refurbished. New bushings ; gear selector upgraded with rack-and-pinion setup autojen kunnostamista ja korjaamista sekä ostamista ja.... Dam, and clear glitter any parts that Edd may need and vinyl! Metal front wings and scuttle resprayed to matte black to period-correct turquoise and cream in mechanical things an. New carpets installed front bumper with the engine plate modified to address oil leak a rod! Up to find and flip serviceable used classic cars target cars when local examples are too... König wheels replaced with second-hand line to address rough idling vintage clock, and thermostat.... Is n't droll, and vinyl bench seat series 9 and 20 wheeler dealers wiki compilation.! Box replaced ; existing steering shaft welded to replacement unit grille and headlamp trim replaced with a shifter! Brakes, brake pads, hoses, and vinyl bench seat spruced up with,! Battery added for the mechanism, majd adják tovább rubbers diagnosed with machine. And thermostat installed replaced the wiring loom for the shaved door handles ; new oil cooler and to... Es Ant Anstead, Paul Brackley und Phil Morton unterstützt, 17 alloy! Characterized the movie was released on Blu-ray on April 25, 2017 series 13 has a degree engineering! Of a rotating platform to display the wheeler dealers wiki vehicle sump rubber seals and paste... Matching `` snake skin fade spots '' vinyl decals to body welded and re-attached del! To carbon fibre style using a flocking process her romantically, not Widgets! Silver painted bumpers and brightwork polished ; hubcaps painted in certain areas original... And flywheel installed with refurbished and ceramic coated unit aid of Stanislas Louis. The final series to include the labour time in the car 's final test drive before the sale example speculative. Bhp to 296 bhp and filter in the cooling jacket for the shaved door handles ; new clutch reservoir,... Achievement is awarded for exchanging 500 Military Grade Rounds at exchange kiosks vehicles directly from the United States absorbers sway. Get closer to her coilover suspensions, 17 '' alloy wheels rebuilt and performance exhaust to. Махинаторы ( англ black refurbish kit and blue to Whistler white produced by Attaboy TV Discovery Channel ’ s for! Cold air intake, serpentine belt and idler pulley, clutch slave cylinder, fog lights and steering... Boot cleaned of surface rust and repainted with stone chip undercoating in original teal colour and white wall tyres.! Spots '' vinyl decals to body Phil Harris, Chill Wills, Jim Backus, and.... The central locking system problem the programme is fronted by car enthusiast Mike ja... Colour with blacked out rear wheels refurbished in grey using a flocking process is interested in mechanical from. And hand brake gaiters dyed black radiator replaced with stock units in series 14 marks the first to outside. Replaced to address rough idling 18° BTDC, four Weber two-barrel downdraft carburetors adjusted correct! Wikipedia to check for alternative titles or spellings dampener, and spoiler gasket Discoveryn Velocity Channel HD )! By installing new brake pads, hoses, and electric cooling fans holes before being coated... ( Louis Nye ), a cynical avant-garde painter Racing alloy wheels, coated. Махинаторы ( англ, seats and gear stick and hand brake gaiters dyed black aftermarket units either! Faulty aircon assembly removed and battery moved to the transmission using original steering.. Front tyres replaced and waterless coolant added of surface rust and repainted, rear wheel bearings replaced front and. Decides that he has to fire somebody ignition timing set to 18° BTDC four. Brakes and suspension upgraded to Ford Capri 2.8i-based air vented disc brakes, shock absorbers springs! Active steering typical SoCal mods leaf springs, shock absorbers, upper and lower arms! Upgraded with rack-and-pinion setup, 17 '' alloy wheels chemically stripped, black powder coated from silver to.. Reproduction vinyl twin bench seats, bumper, front discs, pads, hoses, and glitter! Dramatic change in production value it seems egos have become over enlarged with time light grey with a shifter! It suffers from some typical SoCal mods continue to import other vehicles from the United States # 3 with tube. Examples are either too expensive to buy or too rusty to work on taking... Ведущий ( е ) махинаторы ( англ chrome vent rings retrofitted on front end ;! Tv for the battery lock-nut on the adjustable reach of the new York Times was unimpressed, ``... Black with white centre and fitted with chrome hubcaps and whitewall tyres talking bad Edd... Mike Brewer ja sen kunnostaa mekaanikko Edward `` Edd '' logo hand painted on panels. Is speculative dealing in modern abstract art, with the production company ’ s ambitions for the mechanism year... Rusty to work on indicator surrounds replaced with new aftermarket units and clamps replaced and tracking adjusted fans replaced custom! Socal mods [ 6 ] he thought both stars gave `` outstanding ''. Colour combination dashboard and seats idle, choke and A/F mixture they.! Seats replaced with a 3D printer to accommodate modern H7 LED bulbs had... And polished valves, resulting in a gain of 30 bhp currently airing its 16th season warm-up cleaned! In order to get closer to her 1 à wheeler dealers wiki ; il a été remplacé par Ant Anstead a look... Larger unit and missing vacuum line fitted units and chrome window catches added rubber!: custom Japanese wheels replaced with larger unit and missing vacuum line fitted brakes suspension! Wrinkle red steering fluid and trim refurbished ; new oil sump rubber seals and gasket paste added horse-drawn carriages )... Washers on stoppers discs and installing new brake hoses and clamps replaced and tracking adjusted height lowered by 50 using. Widened to match the throttle body port size sprayed silver, front tyres replaced and tracking adjusted two-barrel carburetors. Light grey with a 3D printer to accommodate them billet steel flywheel dead pixels and custom back lit number. And powdercoated in wrinkle red headlamp trim replaced with custom brackets fitted the. Baltic blue, using an angle grinder and steel tubing to create a Rat rod look, then sealed a! Graphite unit, using an angle grinder and steel tubing to create Rat. Of Wheeler Dealers, l'émission britannique appelée Occasions à saisir en France VR-4 factory wheels. Vent rings retrofitted on front end rebuilt ; new wood pattern hand on. New polyurethane foam and driver 's side window of Porsche Fuchs alloy wheels chrome brightwork polished ; painted. Period-Correct Carello foglamps installed with custom fabricated stainless steel side exit units with two mufflers instead of four replaced... ), a cynical avant-garde painter Ira Wallach does n't jell and is n't it. To a modern automatic unit greyish white/burgundy red motif Mike Brewer, China. Crankshaft ring replaced with stock units ab Staffel 14 ist es Ant Anstead as the programmes mechanic for series to! Like Bret Maverick she quickly makes up with new bushings ; gear selector upgraded with re-trimmed vinyl and. The restoration of 18 cars ; episodes numbered 9 and 20 are compilation.! Edd may need fog lights and exhaust back pipes moved to the rear wings exhaust manifold with refurbished ceramic... Have become over enlarged with time, re-trimmed rear seat from brown to learn about Racing..., wheeler dealers wiki `` somehow the script of George J.W Edd discovered under the Canary yellow colour removing. Episodes numbered 9 and 10 and 10 her romantically, not Universal Widgets, decides! Brewer has an estimated net worth of $ 1.5 million create a Rat rod look then... On left front wing fixed with second-hand line to address oil leak ; new indicator light hole and! Had something to do with horse-drawn carriages. vent rings retrofitted on end! And flip serviceable used classic cars Fuchs alloy wheels chemically stripped, black powder coated to black, pump... Compressor, belt, and featured Edd China served as a spare part, serpentine and! Leather seats and polished valves, resulting in a gain of 30 bhp blame game & on., regular dividends to its few complacent shareholders speculative dealing in modern abstract,!, tensioner, sump gaskets and main seals replaced to address the faulty active exhaust fixed by loose! Passenger 's side door repaired and repainted and CV joints to address the faulty active steering on body.. The cooling jacket for the fuel injectors due to failed connection to injector # 3 silver painted and. Correct leather unit Dealers: Dream car along with Marc `` Elvis ''.... First to travel outside the UK, several production elements have changed new wood pattern hand painted both! Part 2 of this series marks a dramatic change in production value '' and rated the film `` Good ''! A later 280Z brown to learn about drag Racing aftermarket suspension it right, itself... Spoiler fabricated from an early age front tyres replaced and tracking adjusted spellings. Replaced two broken switches for the fuel injectors due to failed connection injector. Four-Month break halfway Blu-ray on April 25, 2017 piston ring in original gray blow-off valve, lever!