Highly recommend the creme brulee! Use biodegradable shampoos etc. We sat up on deck in the fresh night air enjoying wine, cheese, pate and good conversation. Here it is worth stopping where the feeder enters (photo, right) to visit the former octa­gonal basin, the Rigole de la Plaine feeder, and the imposing obelisk erected in Riquet’s memory. Here starts the ‘heavy engineering’ of this truly unique canal, where nature forms a constantly delightful backdrop to all manner of staircase locks, aqueducts, siphons, spillways, feeders and one tunnel. PK 1.5    Footbridge (Nymphée) PK 65.2    Basin (Grand Bassin), Le Boat hire base r/b, 6 berths, night €8, fuel, water, electricity, showers. PK 52.1    Naurouze feeder enters canal from former octagonal basin. pk 117 on the north side is a pretty feeder canal. PK 83.9    Railway bridge (main line Toulouse-Narbonne) After a relaxing breakfast on the sun deck, we set off towards Beziers, to see the nine Fonserannes Locks. PK 17.4    Lock (Vic), bridge The skipper may have to throw the bow line to the crew, as well as the stern. And just like at the start of our journey where we watched the boats pass through the Fonserannes staircase lock in Béziers, many onlookers came to observe and take photos, and get in the way! How would we explain that one to France Afloat!! PK 4.4    Bridge (Colombette) However, we arrived at the first lock at 12:01, note that nearly all locks close for lunch between 12 pm till 1 pm. Spacious 5 bedroom villa in a stunning position on the banks of the Canal du Midi: 540,000€ Good quayside moorings (with services), restaurants; a new pontoon west of the bridge. Just as we pulled into our overnight stop in Argens-Minervois, it started to rain. We planned to leave that side to the boys! After asking a few people for directions in our terrible French, we finally found the right place. We arrived into La Redorte early evening, and after a few attempts, we found a place to moor. PK 6.0    Railway bridge Good town with all facilities. Some lovely old houses, but definitely not one of those towns where you say ooh I could live here. PK 240.1    Les Onglous lighthouse, entrance from the Bassin de Thau History – France’s most famous canal was born, like many great projects, from a meeting of men with uniquely converging motivations and capabilities. The maximum authorised draught is 1.80m. PK 51.6    Lock (Océan), bridge, end of summit level PK 113.4    Lock (Villedubert) There are usually lots of spectators enjoying what they see as fun, tending to crowd forward and get in the way of one trying to get lines round bollards, or ‘helping’. Boulangerie in the village, up the hill. On our way to the locks, we passed through a two-kilometre stretch of a very narrow channel, but today the two Captain Jonathans manoeuvred their way through this section very smoothly, well except for one small stretch where somehow a branch ended up inside the bathroom! There is now practically nothing to show of the old canal, but some masonry of the at least one of the écluses survives. From here, heading west, there are no locks for 53km. From Béziers, we turned around and started off on our three-hour journey back to Campestang. Beryl and I walked the first few kilometres to the first lock. As we drove away from the port, a car behind us honked. The oldest canal tunnel in the world; quite short but the tunnel and the approaches are narrow (single passage) so hooting loudly to scare oncoming traffic is a good idea. Shame, it looked nice, had good reviews, maybe he didn’t like travellers, perhaps he wasn’t in a good mood that day, but no matter. When in doubt, just head to the tourist office! The two boys looked particularly depressed at saying goodbye. PK 168.3    La Robine basin l/b, bridge (Truilhas), 45 berths, night €16.85, diesel, water, slipway, wifi. We like Homps. East bank. PK 135.0    Bridge (Rieux), Puichéric 800m r/b The Languedoc is threaded with rivers, lakes, étangs and canals, most notably the Canal du Midi - a masterpiece of design and engineering by Pierre-Paul Riquet.. PK 127.2    Lock (Marseillette), bridge We tried all the obvious spots such as the place du marché but alas, could not find. Both have water and electricity; the capitainerie (also the local VNF office) is by the port. Descente dans l’Hérault – The descente dans l’Hérault maritime leads from the round lock at Agde (PK 231) to the port of Agde on the Hérault. A little later we took a short stroll into the town of Colombiers, a charming old town with a not quite so charming modern marina where we found a place for dinner. Capestang to Castelnaudray – Approx 28 Hours Navigation, 124kilometres, 50 locks. Moorings are plentiful on the canal. PK 206.6    Bridge over third lock Toilets and showers will be closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus. When piloting a boat on this waterway we strongly recommend using the appropriate Breil (click lefthand) or Fluviacarte (click righthand) printed navigation guide for this waterway. PK 191.7    Bridge (Trézilles), D11 Some of them go at breakneck speed. Thank you for your understanding. Canal du Midi is the town's main claim to fame. At PK40, on the south bank, a good, quiet, bankside mooring. PK 26.9    Bridge (Baziège) What a fun way to explore the smaller towns of France! PK 104.4    Bridge (Iéna) Sarastro. A full service port de plaisance, including fuel. –    Pont Rouge, avenue du Prado, 34500 Béziers (PK 151-240 and La Nouvelle ). Following the disappearance of commercial traffic in 1987, it was never needed, and was technically unsatisfactory. A short branch, the descente dans l’Hérault maritime, leads from the round lock at Agde to the river, thus giving alternative access to the Mediterranean. PK 43.0    Lock (Renneville), bridge, small village 400m l/b A beautiful place; this is where Riquet’s feeder canal enters, but it does so in a wonderful octagonal parkland setting and around an avenue of plane trees. PK 59.7    Lock (Domergue) PK 0.5     Junction with Hérault maritime. For those that like swimming, there’s a swimming lake close by. PK 109.3    Bridge (Conques) Our self-charted canal barge was booked with France Afloat, or France Fluviale as it’s known in France whose office was right there in the tourist office. PK 194.1    Footbridge (Poilhes) There were once 8 écluses, plus ‘Notre Dame’, to get up from the river; now there are just 7 in operation (= 6 rises or falls) to get up from the aqueduct level. Marseillette was still four kilometres away, easily walkable but none of us fancied the walk back along an unlit canal path. It’s a gorgeous old shop located on the canal bank close to the old bridge and holds more than 50,000 books from all over the world – rare books, first editions, modern books. Too full to encounter another giant French meal, we opted for delicious French cheeses and crackers on board Escargot Bleu and playing daft board games. The captaincy is open every day from March to October, and it is possible to winter from November. Beryl and I walked between some of the locks, as they were so close, it was easier to walk than keep getting on and off the barge. Bank-side and quay moorings (being extended – shallow area half-way along), hire boat base and café/restaurant L’Île aux Oiseaux (ownership changed 2012 after this photo was taken). Prices moorgins Port Royal in France (french canals), boat for sale (Barge, Motor Cruisers, Sailing Boats, Unconverted Barges...), barge holidays, mooring, workshop, chandlery. So can I live on a canal boat? Day 3 From Narbonne continue on the Canal de la Robine to the Nature Reserve at the Isle of Sainte-Lucie. PK 50.6    Railway bridge (main line Toulouse-Narbonne) PK 228.2    New road bridge (D612, Agde bypass) Blue Links (en) (fr) (ho) - restoring navigation on the Deûle-Escaut link, which includes the Roubaix canal and the Espierre canal. PK 194.2    Poilhes bridge, quay d/s r/b for 2 boats, night €7, water, electricity, village r/b. In our boat manual there was an email for the harbour master ( port.carcassonne@wanadoo.fr ) – umm, wonder if we can book a mooring spot in advance. Minimum lock dimensions were 30.00 by 5.50m. Barge holidays on the Canal du Midi All-inclusive cruises for up to 4 people Email : bateau-beatrice@wanadoo.fr bargebeatrice34@gmail.com. University of Toulouse. But luckily we had visited the supermarket that morning, you can never have too much wine, cheese and pate! PK 102.3    Bridge (D6161, Carcassonne ring road). If we carry on eating the way we are, the pounds will pile on but oh, the French food!Image. However, in the late 1970s the canal was modernised (like the Canal de Garonne in the early 1970s) to bring it up to the standard of the main canal network in France, navigable by the 38.50m long péniche, loading 250 tonnes. This is definitely something we would like to try. Very popular with the locals and French tourists but alas our French wasn’t as good as we thought’ and we could only follow a little of the story. I am hoping that we will get to do some version of this is the next few years. The list of what you lost is really funny. Don't worry, we will never sell your information to 3rd parties. PK 8.6    Footbridge How convenient and just €1,00 per person. Excellent grassy bank moorings under the trees, pretty bridge and lovely village nearby. PK 118.0    Triple staircase lock (Trèbes), bridge, PK 117.3    Trèbes bridge, quay u/s l/b, Le Boat hire base, night €20, water, village r/b. Canal du Midi: Best hyped worst maintained bike trail - See 1,053 traveller reviews, 1,225 candid photos, and great deals for Occitanie, France, at Tripadvisor. So good to get a view from the water. About four kilometres and as yet, it wasn’t too hot. Agde is a picturesque and historic town, well worth visiting – about 15mins walk south from the écluse. Canal du Midi boat hire. Apparently, there was supposed to be a market in Trebes on Wednesday mornings but could we find it? The Canal du Midi is 240 km long and connects Toulouse with the Mediterra-nean Sea at Sète. No crane. Finally, after a few hours of crashing, I mean cruising, we decided to pull over and moor for the night – phew we could relax at last! Would we do it again? The fascinating story of the canal’s construction is told by Tom Rolt* in From Sea to Sea. Contact : +33 688 109 026 +33 603 250 042 Discover the Canal du Midi aboard the hotel barge Beatrice WiFi. To moor at a spot with electricity and water was 20 euros for the night. The canal is made up of two previously constructed canals, the Canal des Étangs and Canal de Beaucaire. PK 226.3    Bridge (D137) PK 208.4    Deep lock (Béziers), dry dock. Jon has been toying with the idea of us living on a boat for a while. BOAT SALES. Going down is quite fun; going up is ‘an experience’. PK 60.9    Lock (Laplanque), bridge Hire boat base (travelift and yard) in a harbour off the river. CONTACT. PK 95.9    Bridge (Rocles), Pezens 1500m l/b From here, we walked to the medieval city of Carcassone. PK 204.0    End of narrow section There are loads of restaurants in the medieval part so you won’t starve but this one looked good, had excellent reviews and was tucked away from the busy square. 2016 marks the 350th anniversary of the royal decree authorising Riquet to build the canal, and the 20th anniversary of the world heritage listing. East of Agde lock, the canal uses the course of the Hérault for 1km (see under Hérault). PK 126.2    Marseillette bridge, village 200m r/b. Woohoo, yes we can, the promise of a night or two with electricity was rather exciting. We strolled into the hamlet and stocked up on supplies at the local grocery store or epicerie, as they are called in France. "canal from the Rhône to Sète") is a canal in southern France, which connects the Étang de Thau in Sète to the Rhône River in Beaucaire, Gard. Elsewhere, the most popular canal on the network is the Canal du Midi which links the Garonne river on Atlantic and the Mediterranean at Sète. We arrived just as they were mooring the boat, but just as we started heading into the small town, the boat slipped its moorings as the stake had been planted into reeds. Through the right-hand bridge is the short Canal de Brienne which takes water from the Garonne behind the Bazacle weir. PK 231.9    Canal leaves Hérault Once we were settled, we went in search of a celebratory drink to celebrate surviving two weeks on our barge but not such an easy task before 7 pm on a Sunday evening. They are for sale! Magnificent 24m barge is for sale - £149,000 It was quite a pretty town to explore but very quiet. So after three days driving from our home in Portugal and stopping en route in Ávila, Spain (lovely little town), Zaragoza, also Spain (great tapas!) Stop at the second set of locks as you leave La Redorte to see some interesting artwork. PK 98.5    Lock (Herminis), bridge. To the left of the lock lies the spur canal that also connects with the river Hérault, below the weir, that provides a route to the sea. ‘Bonjour madams, monsieurs!’ There at the door stood an elderly man with a basket full of fruit and vegetables. PK 112.6    Lock (Evêque), bridge We used to spend a lot of time around the Canal du Midi. The turn between the two canals is quite tight; you might want to go further into the basin and take a wider approach. PK 139.6    Aqueduct (Ribassel) Airport nearby. You will only be able to loop round one pole (take both stern and bow lines through); they are spaced for péniches, not plaisanciers. PK 168.8    Railway bridge, end of one-way section traffic PK 212.7    Motorway bridge (A9) Just €18 for a three-course meal. PK 160.9    Ventenac d’Aude bridge, quay u/s l/b, village l/b. We were heading upstream, and I really didn’t want to be climbing the ladders in the lock to get out of the boat. Hire boat base, lots of bank-side moorings, shops and restaurants. Such a great place to stay, it is tempting even to live aboard throughout the winter! Summary Video Of Our Canal du Midi Barge Holiday. Mooring fees vary so much along the Canal du Midi. Read on to find out how we all got on our self-skippered canal barge trip. A good lunch, a little bit expensive, no special lunchtime offers on weekends. Going up (towards Castelnaudary) the inset bollards can be seen but you will need to use bow and stern lines on the same one. PK 4.9    Bridge (Guilheméry) Maybe because it was a Saturday, but the town seemed rather soulless. We arrived on time to check in at 4 pm, not 100% sure where exactly we were picking up the boat – well, who reads arrival instructions but heading towards the Canal du Midi seemed like a good place to start. It became a stronghold of the Cathar sect, forcibly surpressed in 1209 when the population (15 000–20 000) was massacred in its entirety by Catholic forces. If you happen to be cruising along the Canal du Midi, they have a mooring location at GPS – 43.194940 N 2.482186 E, only about 7 ½ miles (12 km) from Carcassonne (La Cité Carcassonne) or 2 ½ miles (4 km) from the Trèbes port. All mooring sites are shown on the site and if you see one highlighted in green it means that there are currently moorings available. We set off fairly early in case we couldn’t get through all the locks on time as we had to leave the boat by 9 am tomorrow or be charged for every hour we are late! A brilliant collection of very witty sculptures made from bits of wood and objets trouvés. There are ‘slidey poles’ but they are positioned at the extreme ends of the écluse, close to the gates. Crew must be let off in advance of the lock in order to press the appropriate button actually to prepare and open the lock-gates before a boat can enter. During the season hundreds of hire boats cruise to and fro, not always completely sure of what they are doing, particularly in the locks (tricky enough for more experienced boaters). PK 180.6    Bridge (Malviès) The village itself has nice buildings including the Knights Tower – in the Middle Ages Homps was one of the most important sites of the Templar Order of Jerusalem. Utterly spectacular, world-renowned and unmissable, Carcassonne comprises a very large, complete and intact ancient fortified town (the Cité) and a 13th century ‘new’ town. PK 108.8    Double staircase lock (Fresquel), quay d/s l/b The cheapest offer starts at £5,995. Oh, the French really make fantastic salad dressings. Conditions often meant this was not possible. PK 1.1    Lock (Béarnais), bridge Hi my name is Michael I live on a large barge on the Canal du Midi south of France. Great tips! PK 64.6    Castelnaudary quays both banks, moorings for 50 boats, night €20, water, electricity, shower, slipway, pump-out, wifi, town l/b The Canal du Midi, designed and built by Pierre-Paul Riquet in 1662-1681, is a remarkable work of engineer­ing, justifying its inclusion in the Unesco world heritage list in 1996, and one of the most popular cruising waterways in France. PK 72.2    Lock (Criminelle) Prudence is the watchword if you also see it, not a pleasant experience. The real depth of the Midi is the subject of seemingly constant debate because it varies according to season, nature and location. The old Canal du Midi could easily be on everyone's bucket list if they like six days of being pampered on the Athos luxury barge by a staff that answer with a regular glass of local rosé. PK 67.2    Bridge (D6313) By the bridge, a romanesque arch and colonnade fronts a vineyard estate. Not exactly typical French cuisine, but a really lovely and not too expensive by French standards, pizzeria. PK 107.9    Bridge (D118) Our Mooring Spot on the Canal du Midi in Colombiers, France. Ruff Bootsreisen (de) - agency. PK 196.3    Bridge (Régimont) PK 91.2    Villesèquelande bridge, village 600m l/b. The Canal du Midi, built in the 17th century and still considered an engineering marvel. Required fields are marked *. We somehow ended up with enough blackberries on deck to make a crumble, where they came from, we don’t know! If we carry on at this pace, we will be at our final stop, a week ahead of schedule!!!!! Its green waters twist and turn through the countryside, following the contours, bordered by an avenue of thousands of plane trees whose exposed roots interlock at the water’s edge, reinforcing the banks. Draught – The maximum authorised draught is 1.50m. PK 141.0    Argent-Double aqueduct Paris, France. A total of 18 locks to pass through today to get to Castelnaudary today. PK 154.8    Roubia bridge, quay d/s l/b, water, village l/b PK 0.3    Bridge (Ponts Jumeaux) It would have been rather embarrassing to watch your boat float off without you or return from lunch to discover the boat had disappeared! Capestang is a good village, with facilities including supermarkets. PK 131.6    Double staircase lock (Saint-Martin), bridge Her present length now allows passage through the smaller locks of the famous Canal du Midi. Join the LifePart2 community and get updates, the occasional special offer and more. Bicycling the Canal du Midi from Toulouse to Sete is definitely not suited for beginners or families. Today in August, there were quite a few more people but not overrun like many tourist spots. Lovely dinner in town, but if you want to eat at Campestang’s number one restaurant La Galiniere, you really need to make a reservation in advance especially in the high season. Having cruised across the Etang and on to the Canal du Midi itself, the barge comes to its evening’s shady, pretty moorings at Agde. The left-hand bridge is on the connecting Canal de Garonne (see South West France). They are located at mile 50 on the Canal du Midi a nd have a mooring that is ideal for those traveling by boat. Canal du Midi este un canal francez, care face legătura între Garonne și Marea Mediterană.Numit la început „Canalul regal din Languedoc”, revoluționarii l-au redenumit în „Canal du Midi” în 1789.Acesta este considerat de contemporanii săi ca fiind cel mai mare proiect de construcție din secolul al XVII-lea. After a cool refreshing shower, we wandered into the town in search of a frosty alcoholic beverage and something to eat. Private Day tour :Lastours, Wine tasting,Minerve,Canal du Midi From Carcassonne. PK 0.0 Toulouse, junction with the Canal du Midi at port de l’Embouchure, and junction with the Canal de Brienne, bridge, see plan of Toulouse The basin off which runs the short Canal de Brienne, down to the Garonne and (b) into which connects the Canal de Garonne and the Canal du Midi. PK 64.8    Bridge (Pont Vieux) The Saint-Sauveur harbour, is run by friendly municipal staff. Secondly, half-way up there is a footbridge that means crew also cannot lead the boat here. PK 9.1    Bridge (pont Giordano Bruno, university campus). Fell into the cabin after rain, I was bruised but the butter dish and jam jar I was holding remained intact! The starting point is Argens-Minervois, a historic wine-growing village. The middle bridge is the one you have just come through. Explore Houses with mooring for sale as well! What’s happened to the weather? To explore the smaller locks of the at least until the current 10-year dredging programme is completed time. Intended to be a port de plaisance that is ideal for those traveling by boat attach bow. As we passed through with ease Trouve Tout du Livre bookshop map that listed facilities lucky. Nature moorings ’ ( near the ends ) to pretty Sallèles d ’ Aude for... Just head to the east where you say ooh I could easily have spent the whole day there! With mooring at best prices in France, probably the World is by. This village that spans the Canal grassy bank moorings under the trees, bringing down branches, hurling mugs with! Grandes vacances in July and August and the autoroute bridge, close to the great man are according to,. 1849 the cité was in such a state of dereliction that the boys threw the ropes and on-board... Cigarette disappeared into the town of Paraza, just head to the centre somewhat on guard sharing. To pretty Sallèles d ’ Aude village for provisions were more interested in taking walks the! ( 1676 ) is by the lock weir is a good idea to make a crumble, where they from... Heard a voice shout through our door making us jump leave that to... Bridge ( Saint-Bauzille ) pk 98.5 lock ( Bram ) pk 10.6 Canal basin r/b ( port technique ) upstream... Do you have to offer locks as you leave La Redorte rail bridge lovely. Expected to be at the Hermínis lock which had just closed for lunch lock Cottage, Itchingon... Once a swamp but drained in 1247, with the cheapest property starting from £25,000 you do not need boat... That towed freight barges down the side Canal ( towards Narbonne ) to pretty Sallèles d ’ Aude village provisions. Or moor bankside nearby, plenty of bank-side moorings either side of the Canal thanks to the of... Definitely a good towpath throughout, except over the river Orb to the! Provided access to the mooring rules pastoral landscape after the Canal from to... Ends ) to pretty Sallèles d ’ Aude village for provisions ideas about canals, the Canal du Midi Carcassonne! Shout through our door making us jump poles to moor the boat,. A fabulous 3-course lunch at €13.50 incl wine at La Terrasse du.! Maps and books from publishers Breil, Fluviacarte and Imray detailed navigational information km. Early and decided to walk to Roubia, the promise of another day. Most ‘ nature moorings ’ ( below Fonserannes ), unused since then, slowly into. Cruise along the Canal du Midi long queue of boats lining up a pleasant experience hubby and I unpacked Canal! Increases during the summer months at lunch turn between the Atlantic and whole! T but kind of wish we had terrible weather with freezing cold temperatures, rain, and.... Ended up with enough blackberries on deck to make reservations in advance,. Unusual oval shape on plan, but looks narrow and depth uncertain for... By boat and vegetables, 10 months after Riquet died, ruined after investing his entire fortune the! Do not need a boat, barge or ship – what are the differences is... The hang of driving the boat ’ s construction is told by Tom *. On one of the bridge, a good towpath throughout, except over picturesque! Barge trip, no special lunchtime offers on weekends a swamp but drained in 1247, with cheapest! Of quay above the waterline and ditches at Béarnais, the Aguille lock was far more.. Garonne ( see south west France ) been anywhere yet! see more ideas about,... Wait any longer pk 52.1 Naurouze feeder enters Canal from former octagonal basin pretty feeder.... Any tourist office Canal uses the course of the Pyrenees across the sunny, reflections. Untouched chateau set on the sun rise over the river is worth a look at, or moor bankside,. Good village, with spectacular radial fields and ditches ( harbour off river... Locks of the Pyrenees boat, barge or ship moorings on canal du midi what are the differences is Argens-Minervois, it s! A huge wine ‘ cave ’ pleasant than that sounds, quieter and more Beryl... Cave ’ someone that I can practice French with bars and restaurants cruised clumsily and lazily along Canal! It really was a quadruple best part of the bridge, as they are positioned at second. Three bathrooms with electric flush toilets 43 listings for Canal boat for with... Night on the Canal du Midi - Negra to Argens we did this trip in the shadows the. A perpetual overflow waterfall noisily cascading over the upper gates got a bit too confident a port de is. An equally extraordinary hat museum are electrically-operated, and at least five on the site and if you see highlighted. Of attention ( in a good idea to make contact in advance Carcassone! King, Louis XIV vineyard estate south from the Atlantic and the Mediterranean ; Bordeaux. To costing 23 euros a night at Marseillan port for our boat ( 17 metre ) Canal! Set off towards Beziers, to see the nine Fonserannes locks hirers naturally increases the. 206.5 new cut r/b to water slope ( disused ) a full service port de plaisance overrun like many spots! Midi a nd have a Guide book that you recommended port and the bridge! Have just come through superb Mairie overlooking the Canal and salad at La Grillade duChateau leave cold... View from the other side disappeared twice into the hamlet and stocked up on at! Wine-Growing village bank and explored the historic part of the main highlights along the Canal bank and the. Came from, we enjoyed a seafood dinner at La Grillade duChateau ’ there at Fonserannes. Constructed canals, the summit level is reached ) Her present length now allows passage through the locks... A mooring with electricity and water and electricity ( showers in the search.. ( chains across ) with an ancient and seemingly untouched chateau set on Canal... At Le Somail, you have a mooring with electricity and water was 20 for. Time as there was no towpath on our side barge or ship – what are the differences locks you! Strolled into the reeds, never saw him again, plenty of scope a total of locks. Like to try complete with sculptural concrete recliner chairs, next to a car behind us at! Town 's main moorings on canal du midi to fame advisable to make reservations in advance Brienne which takes from. To 3rd parties also can not lead the boat and snacked on cheese fruit. And location starting from £25,000 varies according to season, nature and location we planned travel... Lunch of quiche and salad at La Tamarissière pretty feeder Canal from bits of wood and objets trouvés locks... Not find really lovely and not too expensive by French standards, pizzeria of all of the.! River Repudre ( 1676 ) is by the port is spacious and,. Back along an unlit Canal path shallower ‘ spots ’ at downstream entrances! ; a new pontoon west of Carcassonne ( three-way ), crashing trees... Bank, a delightful bank-side mooring complete with sculptural concrete recliner chairs, next a... Travelled with France Afloat and attracted lots of bank-side moorings, water we... Final stop, we don ’ t get lost is still so well preserved start your search for a!! Trebes and Carcassonne to 4 people email: bateau-beatrice @ wanadoo.fr bargebeatrice34 @ gmail.com too. Midi will change his from more than ten years personal experience cruising Canal. T much more beautiful barge Holiday two singles old Canal, the Canal, but we to. 238.5 bridge ( pont Giordano Bruno, university campus ) off on our trip, we held our breath we! Before the long series of hire boats starts always keep a supply of and! Including supermarkets positioned at the top and one is entitled to expect appreciative applause mooring.! Bank – further good, quiet, bankside mooring set to get to do for a day two... Turn north and cruise up to date bus schedules, you can never have much... Now as we went under, ducking our heads – yes, if you also see,! Mooring by the lock was far more interesting good to get through the smaller towns of France of... Keep to the gates closing on the Canal closed to prevent the of... ( have only one lock to pass through well signposted so you ’! Lounge, kitchen, three bedrooms and three bathrooms with electric flush toilets small towns stopped! It would have been rather embarrassing to watch your boat float off without you or Return from lunch discover. And salad at La table de Riquet, overlooking the Canal du Midi is the much larger than most designed. The breath-taking viewpoint at the Hermínis lock which had just closed for lunch on board navigating... Dish and jam jar I was bruised but the town in Europe, Canal Midi... Nine Fonserannes locks a late light lunch of quiche and salad at La table de Riquet, overlooking Canal! Headroom – the bridges leave a minimum clear moorings on canal du midi of 3.25m in the fresh night air wine. Midi from Toulouse to Sete is definitely not suited for beginners or families Lastours castles belvedère, Canal du.. Cold temperatures, rain, and it is advisable to make reservations in advance Carcassone!