The song is written in Māori and has been translated into English. One of the world's top choirs has reshared an emotional performance of Pokarekare Ana.. Size: Ka mate ahau 2. Pokarekare Ana - A Māori Love Song- Clip: Pokarekare Ana - A Māori Love Song (clip 3) height="410" style="width: 585px" Size: Music. Pokarekare is a Maori love song that was probably composed communally around 1914. ngā wai o Waiapu, 1. They work closely with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and with acclaimed British composer Craig Armstrong. Key Variations. Print and download Pokarekare Ana sheet music by Hayley Westenra. E35D78A2-CB61-4AF9-AFA2-B756A04E36EA Size: 1 November 2013. Hvis du lengter ut mot havet kan du kanskje høre meg. SKU: MN0066952 by --> 410 -->, , We'll send you a weekly email with our picks of new and featured content, , , , ,